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Audi Introduce New Cabin of Audi TT

Audi Introduce New Cabin of Audi TTIn the event the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, USA 6-10 January 2014 ago, Audi demonstrates the cabin of the All-New Audi TT. Yup just the cabin of the car is only on display because the car has not been formally introduced.
Audi Introduce New Cabin of Audi TT

"Audi TT first generation has become a symbol of the design of the vehicle, and the second generation of the sporty that it focuses on complete with TT RS with a 5-cylinder TFSI powered 360 hp, the TT updates will present the experience feel the technology is increasingly severe in a sports car," said Management of Audi AG Board Member for Technical Development, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg.
Due to this reason, Audi's Virtual Cockpit become the focus of attention in the introductory first model to be marketed. Menampillan fully digital instrument panel all the information right in front of the driver so that there is no longer the MMI monitor in the center of the dash. This would make the designer has the freedom to streamline the structure of the dashboard and automated vehicle weight was reduced.
Very futuristic instrument panel design with a 12.3-inch TFT screen with shades 3D graphics provide information about the vehicle also other information such as GPS navigation and even music. Operation is also very easy via the MMI control in the middle seat or via buttons on the steering wheel that is not complicated. More innovative, dash panel Audi TT designed aircraft nuanced showing AC grid like snout turbine jet engine. Even the air conditioning controls are unique in each lattice.
Audi Introduce New Cabin of Audi TT

The seats also get innovative touch with grooves that grip the seat body like a bucket seat, headrest integrated and low seating position in the style of a sports car. Grip the seat on the body can also be adjusted in order to provide a comfortable position and fit to the body.
Audi Introduce New Cabin of Audi TT
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