Monday, January 25, 2016

Price of BMW hybrid i8

Price of BMW hybrid i8 ~ You remember with a sophisticated sports car used in the film 'Mission Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol' and not only in the film, filmed BMW car was also presented at the largest exhibition event the Geneva Motor Show in March.
Indeed, this car is still present in the concept version, but BMW has just decided to produce a sophisticated variant of a sports sedan coupe i8. The leader of Sales and Marketing BMW, Ian Robertson, BMW i8 reported that the plug-in hybrid will be priced more than 100 thousand Euro.
"This is a super sports car and will certainly have an expensive price. The final decision on the price has not been decided, but it should be in the range of 100 thousand euros upwards," said Ian Robertson, said inautonews, Thursday (14/06).
Recalling, sport car with futuristic design was first introduced at the FMS 2011. Bavarian Motor Works is already promised to launch the BMW i8 using a gasoline engine combined with an electric motor.

BMW also announced in this week will make a new machine with 3-cylinder configuration for the BMW i8. Reportedly even when this sports sedan will be assembled exclusively at the plant Hams Hall, Birmingham, England. And at this plant will be the center
"The engine uses fuel WITH 3-cylinder gasoline will be used hearts sports car BMW i8 plug-in hybrid and will become the standard for review of the boarding costs Dynamic hearts Combination machines for MORE review process is efficient fuels," he added.
BMW i8 will COULD produce the amount of power 393hp, which accounted for 170 hp Electric motor placed hearts Front Wheel Drive System. Of the remainder While energy will be channeled to the rear wheels via a gasoline engine capacity of 1.5 liter turbocharged three-cylinder BY The resulting torque of 550 Nm Number.
Article Search Google husband engine performance, acceleration Yang CAN in termpuh hearts 0 / 100km / h is 5 seconds. The combined fuel consumption from hybrid engine technology CAN reach 3 liters / 100km
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