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Rezvani Beast X

Rezvani Beast X ~ One of the manufacturers that produce the fastest car in United States, Rezvani Motors launched the latest version of the Beast, a monster which they are proud. Rezvani call Beast X.
Ferris Rezvani, owner Rezvani Motors, apparently not satisfied with 500hp power ejected Beast so he decided to develop it into a version of the X's.

Rezvani Beast X

Still using the chassis Ariel Atom, Beast X DOHC engine equipped with a 2.4 liter turbocharged intercooler plus from Borg Warner capable raced with 700hp power at rpm 7,350 rpm. With a net weight of only 840 kg, this monster can accelerate from rest to 100 km / h in about 2.5 seconds. Thus GT spirit proclaim.

Power is channeled to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual transmission. Rezvani also provides the option of a complete system of sequential transmission with paddle shifters.
Rezvani described on the official website that this little monster comes with dimensions of length 4.145mm, 1.981mm wide and 970mm high, and axle spacing 2.345mm. Everything is built by combining carbon fiber body chassis plus the support of a strong chromoly steel alloy.

Rezvani Beast X

In order to control the driver can tame the huge power in a relatively small car, the design Beast X performed to obtain optimal downforce, as described by Autoblog.
Rezvani Motors, according to Road and Track, does not plan to produce a massive car berbanderol USD325 thousand, or approximately 4.4 billion, this. Only five will be produced and they were lucky to have given the gift of free access to some of the circuits in the United States.
The emergence Beast X also marked the birth of X in Rezvani Motors division that will work on special projects related to racing, personalize, and make the production cars Rezvani becomes more extreme. Thus quoted from Digital Trends.

Rezvani Beast X

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