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5 Vehicles Most Unique in the World

5 Vehicles Most Unique in the WorldCars are the most common means of transportation used by people in the world, what would happen if you saw a car whose design is fairly unik.berikut are some of them
Proxima Concepts Hybird Motorcycle / Car

This is a combination of a car with a motor vehicle. Unique, is not it?

5 Vehicles Most Unique in the World

Proxima is the result of a marriage between a car with a motorcycle. Equipped with a two-seater with a minimalist design that does not meet the street or parking lot.

Honda Puyo

5 Vehicles Most Unique in the World

Honda Puyo created as a vehicle that is warm and friendly, both for drivers and for pedestrians. The concept of ultra-efficient, powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology. The shape is designed with a minimalist and efficient as possible. The body is made of soft material that Honda calls it a "gel body". Interestingly, the material of this nature can emit light can be lit alias.

Jaambaaro Pedal Car

5 Vehicles Most Unique in the World

In many poor or developing countries, the availability of ambulances is very limited. Based on this thinking Benoit Angibaud Jaambaro design, pedal-powered ambulance devoted to African communities in order to obtain medical treatment quickly. Besides driven by a pedal, the vehicle is also combined with a solar-powered electric engines to move. Designed to be easily created and from local materials that are easily available, these vehicles are expected to be built by utilizing local resources local.

Colim: Karavan who Compatible

5 Vehicles Most Unique in the World

Want a flexible vehicle? Minasan can try to use this vehicle. Such as toy cars that can be dismantled and reassembled the parts, this car can Minasan parts apart pairs as needed.
This cars was designed by Christian Susana which is the result of the unification of concepts between the car and a caravan camping. The front can be removed-detached, when not in use rags, and can be a car with two passenger seats. Perhaps strange appearance, but flexibility was amazing.

Eclectic: Energy-Autonomous Vehicles

5 Vehicles Most Unique in the World

Vehicles using petrol or gas ungkin common. Vehicles that this one actually uses sunlight and wind power as its primary fuel. Innovative once!
This car is equipped with solar panels and windmills as a source of energy and also a plug to charge over electrical power for solar panels and and windmills only be able to bring this car as far as 14 miles away. According to a press release Venturi, costs about USD 31,500.

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