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Aston Martin DB11

 Aston Martin DB11 ~ Aston Martin is already quite a long time did not update its flagship model DB9 and whether the model is still no successor remember almost fixed number 10. Oh yes obviously, they are now being finalized DB11 research that will be sold to the market next year. But at least those of us who are curious, Aston Martin enough attention by displaying the model at the Geneva Motor Show later.

But although they had to await the Geneva Motor Show in 2016, apparently they already display photos on their web official start. This model is compatible with a variety of silhouettes spyshoot Aston Martin DB11 which had been circulating in the market. When viewed zoom can be said to be characteristic of the design of this model is quite different from the predecessor to Aston Martin DB9 version. In addition, this model is the first product that benefited from the British manufacturer's partnership with Mercedes-AMG.

Aston Martin DB11

Talking about the design, actually you see now is the result of engineering designers Aston Martin after their long experiment with crossover DBX, DB10 of the movie 'Spectre' James Bond and CC110 special Centenary. Yup could be said of this model is the third adaptation of the concept car and they managed to perfect it. Typical front snout still accompany a model design identity only made sharper plus fastback design that is somewhat distorted when compared with the style of Aston Martin earlier.

Unfortunately, in the published photos have none to show photos of the interior, but the car prototype will be installed DB11 digital instrument panel and electronic dial which was adapted from the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe. There is even the possibility that the electrical system of the production model DB11 will share with the German model line-up.

Aston Martin DB11

But talk about a mechanical heart and the chassis, they will not use the cooperation of AMG for their own design the chassis for Aston VH aluminum. In addition they are also working on the engine of the latest V12 with a capacity of 5.2-liter twin-turbocharged with estimates ranging from 600 hp power. As a distributor of power to the driving force behind it is already designed 8-speed automatic transmission and 6-speed manual transmission. Even so Mercedes AMG also able alone to support the 4.0-liter engine with turbo V8 that they had.

Aston Martin DB11

As stated above that the debut of this car will take place at the Geneva Motor Show 2016 held in March. At least there was more or less will be revealed models and the process to how far cooperation Aston Martin and Mercedes-AMG in it. With a more compact and sharp, very interesting to see the future progress of this DB11. What do you think? monggo convey graffiti-coretnya below.
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