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Rolls-Royce launches more powerful Black Badge models

Rolls-Royce launches more powerful Black Badge models ~ Rolls Royce launches program individual edition "Black Badge" in the event the Geneva Motor Show 2016. As forwarded representative in Indonesia, this program will make a Rolls Rocye become more special with everything that is called pushing the boundaries.
"Black Badge is an attitude, an aspect of the Rolls-Royce brand that will attract people who love the unique challenges, risks, and do not like the rules or the usual things of others. They have a spirit that never dies. Understand how to have fun and try to change the world, "said Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
Rolls Royce Black Badge rims fitted with a mix of metal and carbon fiber material. Developed over four years, there are 22 layers of carbon fiber in every bar, and 44 layer on the lips outside to ensure durability.

Rolls-Royce launches more powerful Black Badge models

With a hub that is made by 3D-forged and aircraft-grade aluminum material, velek construction ensures strength and security of its users.
Black Badge use black to a higher level. Multilayered special paints to produce a new black color, however, as the Bespoke program is typical of Rolls-Royce, vehicle owners who want to have a vehicle with a specification 'Black Badge' still can choose a different color for the exterior and interior of their vehicle.
Center console using a new material, a woven from fibers of aluminum and carbon fiber, the material used anti-aircraft radar. To create a material that is very beautiful and innovative, a thread of aircraft-grade aluminum with a diameter of 0,014mm woven carbon fiber aircraft-grade quality.

Rolls-Royce launches more powerful Black Badge models

The webbing then got six layers of lacquer are then dried for 72 hours for further polished by hand to get entitled to a mirror finish.
To complement the use of the material is very luxurious, air-conditioning grille made of metal in the first and second row of special treatment to get a darker color; Physical Vapour Deposition - evaporation techniques to create natural precipitation. This coating technique makes the colors on the metal material to be darker but can not fade in the long-term use.
At the front, a clock Black Badge with orange needle tip and immortality logo which was used on the Phantom Drophead "Waterspeed" which was introduced in 2014 to celebrate the posted speed record Sir Malcolm Campbell.

Rolls-Royce launches more powerful Black Badge models

Logo immortality is also characterized by embroidery engraved on every passenger seat of a Rolls-Royce Black Badge, combined with the color purple on Black Badge Ghost and Wraith Cobalto Blue on Black Badge, very dynamic and edgy.
Ceiling with a starlight headliner becomes final touch. Berpendaran in the interior, reflecting light from an embedded chrome accents on some sides.
6.6 liter V12 engine paired to ensure Ghost Black Badge become more attractive. With slight modifications, the engine power increases up to 40HP be 603hp and 840Nm of torque increase becomes 60nm. Compared with pre-existing Ghost, additional power dikombinaskan with the latest 8-speed transmission ensures Ghost Black Badge has the power delivery is faster.
"In terms of technical and aesthetic, Black Badge is an alter-ego of Rolls-Royce, darker, assertive, confident, strong, and have high standards. With Black Badge, we have created the existence of a more authoritative in the industry super vehicle -luxury. this is a moment of transformation to a brand that is extraordinary, "added Torsten.

Rolls-Royce launches more powerful Black Badge models
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