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HIRIKO, CAR THAT CAN SAVE ENERGY FOLDEDHiriko is a car powered by electricity and saving the system in which the energy crisis and the crisis of global warming are already very familiar.

Hiriko car is suitable for use in urban places are on the population because it has a unique hiriko that can be folded. So it does not need a lot of parking space because of size, minimalist and suitable for overcoming the crisis of the parking lot.

Mini city car concept and energy saving was developed by a consortium of technology companies in Basque, Spanish, along with other experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston, USA.

Hiriko car can carry two passengers and another advantage, namely Hiriko car cabin can be rotated vertically so that it can be placed in a narrow parking space. The entrance was designed to only be opened from the front, so no easy access. In addition, the energy-efficient car is the electric power is supplied to all four wheels can be driven.

Hiriko Citicar

With regard to speed and mileage run car is also quite capable. This car has a range of 120 kilometers and a top speed of 90 kilometers per hour. Hiriko in the city can go up to 51 kilometers per hour.

This car will reportedly be developed commercially by a consortium Afypaida. The first plant will be operated in 2013 with initial production of 9,000 units. The plan Hiriko will be offered at a price of US $ 16,322 or approximately USD 146 million.

Is new technology cars that are energy efficient and can be folded is approx able to ease the crisis in the parking lot Indoneia? as well as reduce the crisis of parking spots are available in most major cities in Indonesia?
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