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Face to Face With "THE NEW' yamaha Sport Car

Face to Face With "THE NEW' yamaha Sport Car

Face to Face With "THE NEW' yamaha Sport Car ~ Curiosity as to what form of new cars vanished when sehubung Yamaha concept model named Sports Ride was opened during a press day Tokyo Motor Show last year. Can finally close encounter "face to face" with a two-seater sports car, which is an interpretation on a Yamaha motorcycle design evolution tangible sports car.

Although more gave birth to two-wheel products, Yamaha has actually been familiar with the vehicles have more wheels. In 1960, Yamaha has been supplying engines for Toyota, followed by Ford and Volvo. Brand bearing the tuning fork is also never follow Formula One in 1989-1997.

In 2013, Motiv city car prototype introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show. Since then Yamaha started the groundwork for the production process following Motiv sales.

Face to Face With "THE NEW' yamaha Sport Car

Motiv capacity of two passengers, the structure was built using istream process, called Yamaha's manufacturing process produces a lightweight and highly rigid chassis. Sports Ride also designed in the same way.

Sports Ride has a rear wheel drive system configuration, istream makes optimal in terms of weight distribution. The surplus, Yamaha said controlling Sports Ride the same as riding a motorcycle.

Sports Ride had slanting eyes and face tapered like want to split the wind and direct it to the side. From a certain angle, his glance like a combined concept Toyota FT-1 and the Honda NSX.

Face to Face With "THE NEW' yamaha Sport Car

Behind the unique and aggressive appearance. Rounded rear glass design and then ended up in the stern that angle, this factor seems to be supporting the aerodynamics. Dual exhaust tip is located at the top, while the diffuser is just one part that uses a carbon material, and the rest are in the bumper and rim.

"From now and in the future, Yamah Motor would be a company that produces Kando (in Japanese means a sense of satisfaction continuous) that exceed the expectations of everyone on the brand Yamaha," said President and Representative Director of Yamaha Motor Company Limited Hiroyuki Yanagi in his opening remarks.

Sports Ride is just one example of the intent Yanagi, besides Yamaha also display a variety of new innovations, including electrical technology new to two wheels, the new model three wheel (Leaning multi wheel-LMV), car adventurous character off-road, a robot that can race ,

"In a world where personal vehicles are growing has created a unique style Yamaha, we have been exclusively developed the ideal that we called Jin-Ki Kanno. Jin-Ki Kanno bringing its bound temptation when fused with machines," said Yanagi
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