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HYBRID CAR ~ Hybrid or hybrid car is a vehicle that uses two types of technology for the energy source. This usually refers to a car that has a conventional gasoline engine and a battery as a power source. One source of this energy may be the primary resource and the other serves as a backup, or the vehicle may use a single source in a given situation and use the other in different situations.

Two Resources

Hybrid cars work in a variety of ways. The most basic hybrid car powered by gasoline engines but also store charge a battery bank. Many hybrid cars also charge the battery using the regeneration energy captured through braking system. Hybrid cars will usually switch between gasoline and battery power are required. For example, when there is minimal demand on the engine, the car may stop using gasoline and switch to battery power. Some hybrid car drivers say that it can be unnerving to hear a gasoline engine vehicle they die when they are driving.


This technology has been around since the car was introduced in the 19th century, because most vehicles use a combination of energy sources for power. For example, most cars have a battery as a power source for car accessories, such as headlights. In the late 1990s, a hybrid car with more power, began to be considered as a viable alternative and popular for gasoline vehicles.


Hybrid cars are considered by many to be an excellent alternative to conventional vehicles because it can save gasoline. Many hybrid cars have doubled fuel efficiency of conventional gasoline car models, which provide significant cost savings for users. In addition, hybrid cars tend to not really give pollution during use, because they burn less fuel and because the companies that build them tend to be aware of environmental pollution and make efforts to build cleaner vehicles. Many jurisdictions provide hybrid car owners special incentives, such as tax relief and permission to use the carpool lane on the highway.
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