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McLaren P1 GTR Offer Extreme Performance

McLaren p1 GTR Offer Extreme Performance ~ Twenty years ago, some time before it launched the McLaren F1 GTR begin to be tested in order to participate in GT racing season in 1995. As a child of racing cars, highways first version was made. Expected future this car can etch back successes ever achieved diajang racing world. Two decades later, and quilt cover was opened, the McLaren P1 ™ GTR as a concept car performing at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in California. The concept of aggressive racing style is to see towards the end of the production process. And now it has entered the next ketahap where the development team works to optimize it in order to be present at the racecourse.

No longer need mengindah rules for the road car, the McLaren P1 ™ GTR is made specifically for use on the racecourse and will become the most powerful race cars dikendarakan the best rider. The change in emphasis is on system performance aerodynamic body, supported on slick tires, elevation made permanent, the successor to the motion of IPAS and DRS as belonging to Formula l ™, rear wing, serts ERS system push-to-pass. Combination of these is expected to provide a special experience while on the racecourse.

McLaren p1 GTR Offer Extreme Performance

Aerodynamic System Optimization
Based on road car McLaren P1 ™, a concept design of a racing car McLaren P1 ™ GTR pengoptimalam focused on a more efficient aerodynamic devices on the entire body in order to obtain a more optimal kinerka, obtained superior control and optimize the rider's attention on the race track.

The design concept of the front of the McLaren P1 ™ GTR, extended 80mm to make it look more aggressive than the style of vent-owned GT. Pengprofilan carried over to channel cooling radiators and culminate at the front axle.

The body, made of carbon fiber with a model framework MonoCage and made the air diverter channels in the front wheel. In addition to be more aerodynamic, made the front wheel steering started which aims to smooth the flow of air from the front wheel. This aero device flows smoothly along the bottom edge dihedral door model. There is also an additional side panel on the back that serves as a conduit to facilitate cooling radiator, also improve aerodynamic performance at the back.

The profile of the design concept of the McLaren P1 ™ GTR remains dramatic, racing suspension with height adjustment fixed and lower than the standard car. Air intake snorkel models, inspired by the original design of the McLaren F1. Rearview mirror has been repositioned to the A-pillar, to be closer to the driver's eye line and reduce aerodynamic, while the side of the door there is also air ducts to improve cooling in the engine room.

19-inch light alloy wheels with a width of 10.5 inches in front and 13 inches in the rear, with a single bolt dikecangkan to speed up the process of loading-tide. Replacement tire is made easier by the presence of air jacks mounted directly in his car, the same as used on the McLaren 650S GT3.

At the rear, there is a large wing that extends sukuran body, supported carbon fiber mast. High fixed wing is equipped with a hydraulic system associated with the use of Drag Reduction System (DRS) to help improve acceleration and increase the downward pressure (down force). Law McLaren P1 ™ version of the highway wings can be stored in the back and removed while at high speeds.

Under the rear wing is placed in the middle exhaust new model, the results of an exclusive new design for the McLaren P1 ™ GTR. The exhaust is made of Inconel (nickel alloy, kromiun and iron, ground heat and corrosion) combined premises titanium, the system maximizes the sound characteristics of the engine 3.8-liter twin turbo V8. Muffler design has indeed been changed, it came with twin straight pipes are now used in a single exhaust.

The design concept McLaren P1 ™ GTR supported by the use of slick tires designed specifically by Pirelli in collaboration with McLaren. Tires designed to have better traction and stable cornering. This characteristic allows the braking slower than expected when entering corners and could do akselesrasi earlier when exiting corners. It will mempergaiki travel time each revolution.

McLaren p1 GTR Offer Extreme Performance

Modern interpretation

The design concept at Pebble Beach, with a view reminiscent of McLaren and complete with GTR emblem. During the test program F1 GTR, the test car numbered order # 01R, clad in her signature color is orange and silver. Staining of this model will be used also in the car with chassis number 01. Furthermore, the car will return to fight to back winning as ever achieved dilomba endurance le Mans 24 hours in 1995.

Program Motorists To McLaren P1 ™ GTR

The new concept at the launch of the McLaren P1 ™ GTR including programs for the rider. Car ownership program ultra-exclusive McLaren P1 ™ GTR include specialized training for the rider, the rider testing capabilities, and access to the McLaren car simulator. This design is intended to prepare each rider of the mentally and physically in order to fully exploit the capabilities of the McLaren P1 ™ GTR. This program can only be followed after registering, as it will be tailored specifically for
each participant.

McLaren p1 GTR Offer Extreme Performance

Program for riders McLaren P1 ™ GTR also be the owner of the club most exclusive in the world and provide an unmatched experience for the owner later. McLaren Special Operations will prepare the entire car, and manage all the programs that will be conducted. One of them and the most interesting is mengendarakan racing cars ever built and developed, as well as access to see the technology owned and acquainted with people throughout the McLaren Technology Centre. Each experience will be unique and specially designed, make the owner together with the entire McLaren. Will also gain access to resources that have helped to develop and train the champion of Formula 1 ™. All include cooperating team consists of professionals who have a long and experienced in the world of racing. Including race engineers, designers and testers car racing
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