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Pictures of Sports Car Concept BMW i8 Spyder Hybrid in 2016

German - Pictures of Sports Car Concept BMW i8 Spyder Hybrid in 2016 ~ Latest news from one of the renowned German manufacturer is BMW. The company has made several enhancements to the latest products. The latest product is the BMW i8 sports car convertible is scheduled to be at present at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, United States.

Pictures of Sports Car Concept BMW i8 Spyder Hybrid in 2016

The technology will be carried convertible BMW i8 sports car is powered by the Hybrid system. In addition, there are many technologies that will be carried pembahruan this Hybrid sports car-like features large touch screen located on the dashboard. Motion control tools are being used exactly the same features in the BMW 7 Series.
According to several online media sources that the latest version has been released a few pictures and photos of the BMW i8 concept is the latest. Seen from the latest version of this image does not show the part of the roof, it is that the number of the design of the interior is clearly visible i8.
Rumors are circulating about the difficulties of assembly processes and the development of the BMW i8 sports car it was quite heavy, ranging from body shell session with hinged roof in order to open the lid. The difficulty is due to the material used is carbon fiber material for the shell and roof. Of course with this material the assemblers require extra skills in order to get results tebaik.
According to Harald Krueger who is the boss of BMW told some media in Germany that production BMW i8 hybrid sports car it will not be much different from the concept version. It's just that there is a change for the time of session security systems, power source, and a battery life of electric motor will be able to what extent it according to BMW boss.
About the launch of this new product the BMW is still reluctant to talk, but that can be expected from the session specification BMW i8 hybrid sports car will carry the type of gasoline engine with a capacity 1.500cc. The car's engine was designed in the rear combined with an electric motor placed on the front. From the engine specification is expected to spraying power to 228 bhp. This great power can generate acceleration from 0-100 km / h takes only 4.4 seconds .. wow dasyat also tu pull cars
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