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Ford Mustang Sutton CS800 TEST REVIEW

Maybe it would certainly blow the Ford Mustang's gearbox to items, or tear the rear axle clean off. Or possibly it would certainly bend the bodyshell so violently that the roofing system would certainly wrinkle and the windows would certainly all bulge.

Ford Mustang Sutton CS800 TEST REVIEW

Increasing an automobile's power outcome-- which is exactly what performance automobile dealer and also tuning firm Clive Sutton has actually done to create the Mustang CS800-- appears rather reckless, like making use of a shoebox to contain a lit stick of dynamite. I was extremely interested to see just how disastrous the end result would be.

As it ended up, there were no such dramas. Well, the carbon fiber ducting that attaches the airbox to the supercharger did come unattached consistently throughout the cornering photography, snuffing out the engine each time, which is something Sutton will need to deal with. However heroic mechanical failings? There were none.

The CS800 Mustang starts as a fairly snuggly and also benign 410bhp GT, yet by the time Sutton is made with it, the important things are transformed into a snarling and evil-minded brute. A stage-two Whipple supercharger, bigger throttle bodies and high-flow fuel injectors bump power result to a faintly silly 825bhp. The internals continues to be untouched. At ₤ 13,716, the engine upgrades are not affordable, and you'll pay a further ₤ 3117 for the exhaust system and ₤ 1920 for installment and a 12-month warranty.

The flexible KW coilovers, meanwhile, expense ₤ 2928, as well as the 20in wheels, are ₤ 3120. This demonstrator ticks every single box on the options listing, consisting of a truckload of carbon fiber styling parts, which indicates the overall price is almost as crazy as the power figure: ₤ 101,735, consisting of the contributor vehicle.

A few of the carbon fiber bits and items look the part, such as the ₤ 3270 hood, yet the rear quarter window louvers, as well as artificial side intakes, are questionable. You could at the very least decide on the designing parts you want, as you could for all the upgrades.

Ford Mustang Sutton CS800 TEST REVIEW

In this specification, the CS800 has substantial visual visibility. It can be an effort to own, however, due to the fact that with a short-shift kit, the manual 'box is really limited as well as heavy as well as 4th gear seems to melt away completely when the transmission fumes. The soundtrack is intricate and also multi-layered; the grumble of the V8, the manic wind-rush of the induction system and the crazed rattle of the exhaust like Zeus with a chesty coughing, all emphasized by the wailing supercharger.

Pricing estimate such a vast power number does present particular troubles; if the auto does not seem like the fastest point you might perhaps visualize, it'll be a little bit of a dissatisfaction. The CS800 is brutally quick and there are celebrations out when traveling when it attracts the perspective so rapidly that you feel your eyes expand unwillingly, yet it does not really feel a lot more rabidly accelerative compared to the Nissan GT-R, as an example.

The direct power distribution implies the engine does not fairly have the punch of a greatly turbocharged motor, while the equipment ratios are long sufficient to cover Cheddar Gorge. All of it means the rate of velocity constructs and constructs throughout the rev variety, instead of taking your breath away the minute you go on the throttle pedal.

Somewhat surprisingly, however, the CS800 actually finds a good grip, also in 2nd gear, thanks in part to those long ratios. They are so extensive, nevertheless, that you rarely get the opportunity to extend the engine all the way out one year after an additional, which suggests you just don't use the complete 813bhp specifically frequently.

On the chassis side, the car is pulled down by obscure steering as well as a somewhat washy front end. The balance is extremely risk-free, a minimum of till you prompt it with the throttle, whereupon it can obtain rather stylish. The flight is likewise very active with much way too much of the appearance of the roadway jabbed right into the automobile's body (the dampers are flexible, so it could well be feasible to tune some flight high quality back in), although it doesn't hunt out cambers or tramline too rampantly.

The CS800 doesn't stand up to unbiased analysis, yet if there's an automobile available with a higher feeling of the occasion, we would certainly quite like to try it.

Ford Mustang Sutton CS800 TEST REVIEW

Ford Mustang Sutton CS800
sale Now; Price ₤ 64,950; Price as checked ₤ 101,735; 
Engine V8, 4951cc, supercharged, gasoline; Power 813bhp; Torque 640lb feet at 7000rpm; Gearbox 6-spd handbook; Kerbweight 1670kg; 0-62mph 3.8 sec (approximated); Top rate 195mph (estimated); Fuel economy 12mpg (integrated); CO2 rating tbc
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