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The Mercedes-AMG ONE : Formula 1 on The Road

The Mercedes-AMG ONE project is set to be unveiled at the world premiere at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt for the very first time, the two-seater supersports reveal vehicle brings the very latest and also reliable, fully-fledged Formula 1 crossbreed innovation from the race track to the road virtually par for the same level to stand for the highlight of AMG's 50th wedding anniversary. This high-performance hybrid is slated to create over 1,000 PS and reach top speeds beyond 350 km/h. The program automobile incorporates exceptional racetrack performance and everyday suitable Formula 1 crossbreed modern technology with exemplary effectiveness. This is a world initially.

The high-performance plug-in hybrid drive system of the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE comes directly from Formula 1 and was recognized in close collaboration with the motorsport experts of Mercedes-AMG High-Performance Powertrains in Brixworth. It includes an integrated and intelligent network unit consisting of a turbocharged hybrid combustion engine with a total of four electric motors. One has been integrated directly into the turbocharger, another one is completely mounted directly on the combustion engine with a link to the crankcase and the two existing motors have front wheels.

The Mercedes-AMG ONE : Formula 1 in The Road

The 1.6-litre V6 crossbreed gas engine with direct injection as well as electrically aided solitary turbocharging comes straight from the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 racing vehicle. To achieve high engine rates, the mechanical valve springtimes have actually been changed by pneumatically-driven valve springtimes. The automobile is mid-engined (ahead of the back axle) and it can quickly reach speeds of 11,000 rpm, which is presently one-of-a-kind for a roadgoing lorry. Nevertheless, for higher durability and using readily offered Super Plus gas rather than racing fuel, it stays substantially below the F1 engine rate limit.

From the beginning, the engineers have really dreamed of bringing electric motor racing technology to the highway. Mercedes-AMG now makes this wish come true to the highest level. "Motorsport is not our final destination". Faced with intense competitors, we develop innovations where our manufacturing lorries also consequently benefit. We are making use of our experiences and also successes from 3 fabricators' and motorists' globe championships to bring Formula 1 innovation to the roadway for the first time: in Mercedes-AMG Project ONE", says Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz cars.

The Mercedes-AMG ONE : Formula 1 in The Road

The concept auto gives certain indicators of exactly what to get out of the upcoming production model. "The hypercar is the most ambitious task we have ever taken on. It notes yet one more peak of the successful, strategic development of Mercedes-AMG to an efficiency and also cars brand. Job ONE raises the bar in regards to what is currently technically possible and also thanks to its combination of performance and also efficiency it stands for an absolute criterion. At the same time, Project ONE gives an overview of just how AMG will certainly specify driving performance in the future", Tobias Moers discusses as the Head of Management at Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

The electric motors on the front axle are also real rev marvels, with rotor changes approximately 50,000 rpm-- existing state-of-the-art is a rate of 20,000 rpm. The extremely high-revving engine is in addition boosted by a high-tech turbocharger. The exhaust gas and compressor turbines are separated from each other and situated at a maximum position to the exhaust side as well as to the consumption side of the V6 engine as well as connected to one another by a shaft. This shaft includes an electric motor with around 90 kW which, relying on the operating condition, electrically owns the compressor wind turbine with as much as 100,000 rpm-- for instance when moving off or complying with load adjustments. The Formula 1 designation for this unit is MGU-H (Motor Generator Unit-Heat).

The major advantage: the dreadful turbo lag-- the delayed action to accelerator pedal regulates owing to the inertia of the big charger-- is entirely gotten rid of. The reaction time is substantially lowered and is also shorter than that of a normally aspirated V8 engine. The electric turbocharger brings about an additional advantage: it makes use of parts of the surplus energy from the exhaust system to create power, as well as either shop it in the high-voltage lithium-ion battery as part of recuperation or gives added drive power by feeding it to an additional electric motor. This motor generates 120 kW, has actually been installed directly on the engine as well as includes a connection to the crankshaft by means of a spur gear (MGU-K = Motor Generator Unit-Kinetic)-- one more technology that guarantees maximum performance and also performance in Formula 1.

The Mercedes-AMG ONE : Formula 1 in The Road

The thermal performance of the combustion engine with the electrical turbocharger (MGU-H) in conjunction with the electric motor on the crankshaft (MGU-K ) will certainly more than 40 percent. This is a previously unattained height worth for collection manufacturing vehicles. There will also be two further 120 kW electric motors at the front axle.

Each is linked to a front wheel using a decrease equipment. The fully electrically driven front axle enables private velocity and also breaking of each front wheel, as well as a result selective torque circulation for specifically high levels of vehicle characteristics.

Power is moved to the rear wheels by an 8-speed manual transmission that has been totally developed from scratch for the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE. It is turned on hydraulically as well as can be operated in a computerized setting or manually using the shift paddles. The car is geared up with an innovative, weight-optimised ceramic high-performance compound stopping system. Its low weight lowers the unsprung masses, therefore enhancing driving dynamics as well as dexterity.

Multi-link styles are used at the front and also rear. The adjustable coil-over suspension has a number of unique functions: Both push-rod springtime struts have been set up across the instructions of traveling. The cutting-edge arrangement of the spring/damper unit replaces the function as well as the application of traditional tubular cross participants. The general setup of the springs and dampers is set up for perfectly balanced, easily managed and also above all sporty handling features. These are likewise helped by the four-wheel drive and also torque vectoring.

The Mercedes-AMG ONE : Formula 1 in The Road

The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE will not only be a street-legal racing device that straight brings current Formula 1 hybrid modern technology onto the roadway and incorporates top-class racetrack performance with complete day-to-day suitability. Its function is likewise to obtain comprehensive searching for of performance-oriented plug-in hybrid drive modern technology, additional advancements in suspension formats and expanded onboard electronics that will certainly later on profit collection production AMG autos.
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