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2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Review

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor

As it blitzes along with a railbed cutting via Southern California's Anza-Borrego Desert, the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor sashays gently side to side, its large all-terrain tires tracking the bumps as well as ruts in the sandy route. The aerated seats are set to high, while our hands twitch the wheel back and forth with minor corrections to maintain the vehicle aimed directly. Well, straight-ish. We're creating fairly the dust cloud, however, that's much less due to the turning hips than our closeness to the rate governor. The Raptor does not have to be traveling at three-way digits via the desert to surprise, yet it certainly assists

For instance, its new twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 and also 10-speed transmission assist the Raptor to amaze in a straight line. Its turbochargers whistle more boost (approximately 18 psi) right into the manifold than do those of the normal F-150's 3.5-liter EcoBoost mill, which itself has been upgraded for 2017. Integrated with a brand-new aluminum block, updated internals, port as well as direct gas injection, as well as a lighter valvetrain, the turbos aid this engine cranks out 450 horsepower and also 510 lb-ft of torque, rises of 75 steeds as well as 40 lb-ft over the standard EcoBoost 3.5, which all of a sudden seems wimpy in comparison. More vital, that's 39 steeds and 76 lb-ft more than the old Raptor's 6.2-liter V-8, gains that are immediately noticeable. This Raptor really feels much quicker than its predecessor, and we anticipate it'll reach 60 miles per hour in the low-five-second range.

With three overdrive gears, the 10-speed is above all a play for freeway gas economy, yet its proportion spread does maintain the twin-turbo 6 in the meat of its powerband, also. This transmission, nevertheless, is just one of the Raptor's few powerlessness, despite the genuine magnesium change paddles. Even under full steam, it slurs changes in Normal mode. For quicker equipment swaps, you need to use the setting switch on the guiding wheel to toggle the truck right into Sport-- one of six offered setups-- at which point those shifts periodically are instead severe. And also, when cruising, every toe pointer into the throttle reminds us what a big number 10 is, as the transmission shuffles down to locate the required equipment. We did locate it amusing, though, that with the transfer situation in reduced variety, it's already in 5th equipment by 15 mph. A 5 percent decrease in wind resistant drag aids the transmission to elevate the Raptor's fuel economic situation from the old vehicle's 12 mpg city and 16 mpg freeway to 15/18 mpg. The aero renovation is due not only to the brand-new styling but additionally to automated grille shutters as well as the air-smoothing effect of skid plates, which have an ecological advantage past just reducing the incidences of 5W-30 spilling out of rock-pierced oil frying pans.

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor

While a readily available truck that can repetitively get in and also return from (extremely) low-Earth orbit without undue injury goes over, the Raptor's capability to do so is no chance unusual. That's exactly what it's engineered to do. Just what is shocking is just how well an automobile with the suspension required to do so performs on the pavement. The Raptor's roll control is simply superb. Yes, the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires prevent the truck's paved-road adhesion limits, yet its actions up until those limits are shocking. It's a genuinely made up and also comfortable cruiser, and it deals with twisty roads much better compared to a Mustang would deal with desert operating. Of course, a Mustang doesn't have 34-inch-tall, reinforced-sidewall KO2s which, by the way, is the factor the rate limiter is established so low-- mounted to optional Beadlock-ready 17-inch wheels. They look remarkable.

Through the Anza-Borrego, we hammered the Raptor over a 50-mile path made up of long stretches of washboard babble bumps as well as numerous bigger whoop-de-dos that threw the Ford into the air. A lower truck might crawl over this same terrain without much threat. Yet before you attempted to do so at the rates the Raptor could attain, you would certainly wish to begin a pool of what would certainly happen initially: an expensive Fox damper punching through the hood or the bed, an axle turning out behind the vehicle, or the nose sticking a landing and throwing you right into an endo. The Raptor just extra pounds over all of it, its suspension traveling of 13.0 inches in front and 13.9 out back making sure that the motorist cries uncle before the vehicle ever fails. So high is the Raptor's threshold of abuse that the size of the lump, opening, or various another barrier hardly seems to matter; plow into it, allow the suspension soak it up, and also carry on.

To much better withstand the misuse any type of self-respecting proprietor will subject the vehicle to, the Raptor's structure is enhanced over the regular F-150's with additional welds as well as strengthened shock installs. Its Fox dampers are currently 3.0 inches in size, a 0.5-inch increase from the old Raptors. This enables 44 percent extra fluid volume, boosting warmth- and also fade-resistance. To enable the Raptor's shocking on-road aptitude, the shock absorbers are softer in the middle of their travel yet tense as they near both full compression and also full expansion-- the previous to regulate bad, the last to handle the suspension's movement when the vehicle accomplishes liftoff.

You could shut off the security control entirely. Nonetheless, excess yaw could couple with unforeseeable desert terrain to transform straight-line rate right into several rollovers as well as a helicopter flight with no sight yet the faces of medics leaning over a backboard. Recognizing that, we located the Baja owning setting an outstanding choice. In this setup, the stability-control calibration is exceptional, permitting wonderful freedom and also actioning in only under severe scenarios with smooth, refined treatments. This setting also loosens up the ABS, allowing some lockup to pile sand before the tires, long popular ways of stopping in softer terrain.

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor

Baja mode additionally modifies the engine-management program, closing down gas flow, however, keeping the throttle open when the motorist embarks on the accelerator. This maintains air flowing with the engine, which consequently keeps the turbos spinning as well as reduces lag when the motorist returns on the gas. This function is limited to Baja setting due to the fact that it adversely influences discharges as well as fuel economic situation. However, the most effective feature of Baja mode is exactly how the transmission hangs onto pieces of equipment to such an extreme degree, maintaining engine action piano-wire limited. It'll hang within simply a couple of hundred rpm of redline for as long as your foot tells it to, urging you to toe a bit deeper, clear those last few revs, and also get hold of the following year-- and afterward start reaching for the following.

And drivers will maintain reaching again and also again. Few cars of any kind of kind and at any cost-- as well as none near the Ford's $49,520 base cost-- offer as many thrills or fulfill their mission as completely as the Raptor. Driving this truck off-road and also at max assault is as electrifying a vehicle experience as you'll locate.
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