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Peugeot 5008 review

Peugeot 5008 review

When it was introduced in 2010, the first Peugeot 5008 was exactly just what you 'd expect of an MPV.

It had a remarkably versatile inside, it was an undemanding vehicle to drive and also it adhered doggedly to a one-box look.

That it also took care of with the dexterity of a smaller sized auto and also damage the Ford S-Max on price assisted secure it a four-star ranking from us, however it never ever totaled up to anything more than a determinedly functional product.

7 years later as well as the game has actually altered. Although there's still no scarcity of people who require exactly what a traditional MPV such as that original 5008 provided, much fewer of them really wish to be seen in one, particularly in China.

Instead, they want an SUV and all the kerbside appeal that opts for it. This hasn't already gone unnoticed among the PSA Group's product organizers on Avenue de la Grande-Armée (although it seems to have done simply that at compatriot Renault), and also exactly what those coordinators have thus designed for the new 5008 is the rakish C-segment SUV seen right here.

Peugeot 5008 review

It's rather a departure from its forefather as well as is based upon the smaller 3008 crossover, only with an elongated bodyshell to enable the fitment of 7 seats instead of 5. As a participant of this progressively prominent inner circle of cars and trucks-- as well as one with unreservedly upmarket goals at that-- it takes on the similarity the Skoda Kodiaq, BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer and Nissan X-Trail, to name a few.

By walking the line in between SUV and MPV, Peugeot has actually aspired. If it is to deliver on the assurances made by its muscular, two-box style and people-carrying capacity, the 5008 needs to supply the thin handling and elevated ride elevation characteristic expected of an SUV with the usefulness as well as long-range refinement of an MPV.

Without an unlimited engineering spending plan, there are concessions to be taken care of below in between trip as well as handling, aesthetic appeals as well as ergonomics, as well as efficiency and economic situation.

Establishing to what extent this portmanteau of a car manages those giving ins is the objective of this road test.

The 5008 sits on the modular EMP2 platform of the PSA Group, which owns Peugeot, Citroën, DS and Vauxhall-Opel.

It's 190mm longer compared to the 3008-- although at a glimpse you would certainly be hard-pressed to inform both apart when driving-- and also it makes use of that additional span to squeeze in a third row of seats.

Peugeot 5008 review

There's currently room for 7 owners, guaranteeing the 5008 fulfils its remit as an MPV, despite how well it disguises its true reason for being.

The rugged costume is certainly effective, the 5008's dimensions producing a bluff, athletic, hard-edged style softened only by numerous ins and outs picked either in chrome-effect trim orgloss black plastic.

Both ends of the cars and truck are imposingly sheered off, the front displaying countless design elements however somehow handling to stay clear of looking overwrought.

This is an attractive automobile, to the degree that it could also transform the heads of those set on even more extravagant alternatives such as the Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Nonetheless, the 5008's rugged SUV outside conjures a perception that isn't substantiated by the mechanicals.

Certainly, you could deny a 5008 with 4x4. To earn for the lack of a driven back axle, Peugeot has actually presented Advanced Grip Control as an alternative.

It provides a series of grip control settings-- Normal, Snow, Sand, Mud and ESP Off-- along with a hill descent control system and also Continental's on-or-off-road ContiCrossContact tires. It's a set-up that must be adequate for any kind of soft-roading needs made of the framework, yet no more.

Mobility, on the other hand, comes thanks to among five engines-- two gasolines, with either 128bhp as well as 163bhp, as well as 3 diesels, ranging from 99bhp to 178bhp.

There's a choice of either five-speed and also (for high-powered designs) six-speed manuals together with a six-speed automatic, plus there's an eight-speed torque-converter automatic transmission in the most effective diesel version.

All adhere to the most up to date EU6.1 requirements, with CO2 emissions as reduced as 117g/km for petrol and 106g/km for diesel.

The layered control panel aspects certain to Peugeot concept vehicles of recent years have actually begun to see the light of manufacturing with the 5008.

Peugeot 5008 review

The method it curls around the cockpit and uses a selection of unusual however-- externally, a minimum of-- high-grade materials will certainly have you grabbing a touch when you first climb in.

It suggests the French are obtaining closer to German construct top quality than the Germans are to French style, although closer assessment reveals that something of a gulf still exists.
The wide centre tunnel, on the other hand, and the manner in which it divides the front-seat passengers, provides the cabin a GT-car feel that is unusual in this course.

The feeling that the 5008 belongs rather higher up the food chainthan its badge recommends is magnified by the top quality of our test automobile's strengthened (but oddly unsupportive) seats and also a financial institution of clever, silver toggle switches that sits below the infotainment system's touchscreen.

The 5008's infotainment system makes use of a touchscreen yet likewise uses different toggle switches to raise media, climate control, navigating, automobile info as well as phone applications. Along with the rotating dials for quantity, this makes it fantastically simple to work out on the move.
There's additionally Peugeot's 12.3 in screen within the instrument binnacle. It shows fluid graphics and also, along with the tiny guiding wheel and main touchscreen, composes the i-Cockpit.

Latency is typically very good, with the software application-- which features Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto compatability-- displaying just the periodic delay. The voice control function works well for basic commands, such as picking a radio terminal, but it was puzzled whenever we tried to establish a navigation destination.
There's additionally very efficient ambient lights, which works to lovely impact throughout night-time drives.

Warmed natural leather seats are offered, by the way, as part of a costly ₤ 1990 option pack.
Peugeot's compact steering wheel attracts attention, for better or for even worse. It's designed to sit underneath the high-mounted 12.3 in electronic instrument binnacle, which is itself placed in such a way that diminishes the interval throughout which the motorist has his/her eyes off the roadway.
This elliptical exerciser wheel is comfortable to hold however elicits an unpleasant, remote feeling of guiding the cars and truck from in between your knees, regardless of just how the column is adjusted. Maybe it's best scheduled for the marque's pointy little hatchbacks.

Most importantly, the new 5008 keeps the adaptability that specified the initial-- that is, all three middle-row seats can be independently folded up, and boast flexible size and inclination.
There's sufficient leg room all round, owing to Peugeot's lengthening of the EMP2 platform for this application, although minimal rear head room is exacerbated if your car is fitted with the optional breathtaking glass roof covering (₤ 870, or requirement on top-spec GT versions). With the third-row seats stowed away, the boot is cavernous, and available by means of a powered tailgate that can be operated by swiping your foot under the back bumper.

So long as the engine had enough regarding it to carry its potentially numerous passengers to their location in a timely fashion, the idea of 'performance' has actually traditionally considered gently on the minds of prospective MPV buyers.
Now that Peugeot has disguised its people-carrier as a lavish sports-utility lorry, in this manner of assuming no more applies.

Our test cars and truck, furnished with the 148bhp 2.0-litre BlueHDi diesel engine and also six-speed guidebook transmission, tape-recorded a 0-60mph time of 10.8 sec. That's a touch slower compared to the 9.6 sec Peugeot cases but it's neither refreshingly vigorous neither heavily sluggish.
What matters right here, though, is that this engine delivers its efforts in an improved, surprisingly sonorous way that's an excellent match for the character of the 5008.

It's flexible, developing 273lb ft from simply 2000rpm to move the 5008 past slower web traffic with sensible convenience, although holding onto gears past the mid-range of the engine's 6000rpm extent is an effort that generates reducing returns.

Regardless of a clutch pedal that's overly sprung (illustratory of a lack of finesse in the finer control information that divides this auto from its German opponents), the six-speed manual transmission is easy sufficient to obtain together with, although not especially engaging.

We approve, however, that 5008 purchasers would not buy this cars and truck for the satisfying petting of a short-throw gearlever. More of a problem is the invasive voice of the engine need to you go down an equipment or more and ask higher initiative of it.

In regards to gas intake, the 5008 returned an exploring economic situation of 60.1 mpg versus an overall examination typical economy of 51.3 mpg. For an automobile that considers 1490kg, those are relatively impressive numbers, although they would, certainly, loss were the automobile to be packed with passengers and also travel luggage.

A gas container of 56 litres creates an enormous academic touring variety of 739 miles.
Shaped like an SUV but significantly intended for tarmac-based activities, the 5008 strikes its quick as an improved family members cruiser.

That, at the very least, gets on reasonably smooth roadway surfaces, where the car rides well at higher speeds in the main, displaying close body control and pliancy while adequately shielding passengers from the most awful results of tyre roar and also wind noise.

Exposure is likewise excellent and also the rate of the guiding rack has actually been properly gotten used to make up for the decreased size of the wheel, although some might still consider it a fraction as well straight for comfort.

As a lorry in which to cover huge distances mostly on freeways, the Peugeot shows no serious defects and feels suitably long-legged.
Issues emerge when the road surface area deteriorates or comes to be extra tortuous-- and also unfortunately for those that reside in the UK, the two go together a great deal of the moment.

It's unlikely that the 18in alloy wheels fitted to our examination auto helped issues, yet road flaws were transmitted via the suspension as well as right into the body with shocking ease, the resulting thumps dispelling the sensation of made up float for which bigger French automobiles are commonly commemorated.

Although body roll is typically well taken care of, the 5008 programs less poise when handling upright inputs, showing a strange blend of hard-edged sloppiness if you're really pushing on. This can well be a compromise brought about by the have to take care of the lateral movements of what is a stealthily high auto.

In an effort to ease these problems, you could be lured to press the Sport button installed on the transmission.

You needn't trouble. All it will get you is a synthesised engine note pumped into the cabin as well as enhanced throttle feedback.

Neither rates nor essential. We would certainly instead advise you to handle your assumptions of this cars and truck's managing capacities and also play to its staminas-- specifically, carefree long-haul routes.

Despite its chiselled visual, the high-riding 5008 was not an auto that we anticipated would take quickly to the tortuously undulating hill path at Millbrook, therefore it showed.
Considerable vertical inputs carried out in fast sequence left this framework floundering and also the slightly flexible guiding made it tough to put on the method into corners at speed.
Nonetheless, Peugeot has actually managed to offer this tall lorry simply enough side body control for it to tolerate being manhandled with bends with commitment.

You might not involve enjoy rushing this cars and truck, but its lengthy suspension traveling permits the tyres to be worked remarkably hard prior to they shrivel into understeer.
With a calculated approach, the 5008 can be made to make strides with unanticipated pace.
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